St. John’s Festival

Time of the summer solstice – the shortest night of the year – in the ancient times were also called Rasos (Dew Holiday) or Kupolės. When Christianity was introduced, the holiday changed its name to St. John’s Festival. Young and older people would gather in the most beautiful locations, such as river banks, lakesides, in the outer wood or on hill tops. They would make a huge bonfire and light the hub. Girls would make wreaths from the most beautiful flowers and herbage, sing songs and jump over the bonfire. At midnight young people would start searching for the fern blossom. Merrymaking would last until dawn.
St. John’s festival was the time when man attempted to identify his existence with the changing course of nature, trying to unriddle its secrets and by means of various rites, sacrifices and fortune-telling ensure plentiful yield. In the Soviet times St. John’s Festival was not observed. Starting from 1991 traditional ancient St. John’s Festival has been celebrated on the bank of Lake Plateliai.

Farmstead “Pas tėvukus”

Address: Plungės r., Platelių sen., Beržoro k., Plungės g. 42, LT – 90419
Phones: +370 615 29603, +370 698 03485

It’s a place for those who love rustic environment. The hosts of the farmstead “Pas tėvukus” look forward to see you all year round. There are 4 houses for accommodation, a playground for the children, boats, water bikes, bathhouses. There’s a possibility to get acquainted with the traditions of Samogitian dishes.
Don’t miss the chance to stay at these spacious hospitable houses of ethnographic style on the shore of Beržoras lake. It’s a marvelous place for recreation or business meetings in a 20 room hall.

Farmstead “Po ąžuolais”

Address: Plokštinės g. 20, Paplatelės kaimas, Žemaičių Kalvarijos sen., Plungės raj.
Phone: +370 614 74284, +370 698 10312

This farmstead is located in a hilly place surrounded by centenarian oaks in Samogitia National park not far from the lake of Plateliai itself (200m). You can find three abundant with fish ponds, some bathhouses, such as Norvegian (tub) and Lithuanian steam bath. For those who would like to have family gatherings or business meetings there are two large halls (25 and 80 people room). Other than that there’s a conference hall for 40-50 people. If you are missing nature and tranquility, you can take a lovely walk, go for mushrooms or berries in the forest. According to the ancient traditions the host of the farmstead bakes homemade bread in the antique barn. It’s a good opportunity to watch and take part in the baking process themselves.
NEWS! Not long ago a new recreation aqua park has ben opened there. It’s a perfect chance to spend time both for old and young. Here you will find two bathhouses: sauna and Turkish steam, Jacuzzi, swimming pool with cascades and there’s an equipment to swim upstream. Young visitors can’t miss the chance to enjoy swimming, there are two pools for them also.

Leonardas Černiauskas’ art gallery–creative workshop

Address: village of Babrungėnai, region of Plungė
Tel. +370 68569566, +370 44850658

The collection of the wooden handicrafts, paintings and ancient things is placed in the former water mill of Babrungėnai village. All exhibits are made by the artist himself.

Rural Tourism Farmstead “Prie Žiedelio”

Address: Plungės r., Platelių sen., Beržoro k., Plungės g. 20, LT – 90419
Phone: +370 686 09867

The farmstead “Prie Žiedelio” is surrounded by four beautiful lakes. We offer you an active and peaceful rest. You will be able to celebrate your family or friends’ anniversaries/birthdays, organize business meetings, conferences, parties or wedding celebrations.
There’s the only professional playground in Plateliai area at your service. You’ll be able to play basketball, football, lawn tennis or volleyball. According to your desire, you will have a chance to taste Samogitian dishes, enjoy Lithuanian bath. You will forget all your worries and gain energy for the new work start in the splendid nature.

The Granary of Kazys Striaupa

Address: village of Dovainiai, region of Plungė

In the granary built by the folk artist you will see the amusing wood carvings representing the history, religion and humorous scenes of the village life. Admission fee: optional, donations box.

Museum of folk art and ethnography of Regina and Justinas Jonušai

Address: village of Godeliai, region of Plungė

There you will find paintings and wooden handicrafts. The old granary hosts a small museum of ethnography. Admission fee: optional, donations box.