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Exposition of the Žemaitija National Park. The exposition is located in the former threshing barn of the Manor. Expositions of Plateliai Manor History, ethnography of this Žemaitija region, a newly installed modern exposition of nature’s objects, and also a hall for constantly changing exhibitions.

Plateliai Manor Homestead. Until the end of the 18th century, Plateliai Manor was a property of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, while later, up to 1940, it used to belong to the family of Choiseul-Gouffier, French counts. In the 19th century, Sofija Tyzenhauzaitė de Choiseul-Gouffier used to live and create here, who was the first woman-author in historic Lithuania who wrote in French. Under Choiseul rule, Plateliai Manor used to be an important centre of Žemaitija’s culture, politics and economy.
Plateliai Manor Homestead of 19th century – the beginning of 20th century, being an object of architectural and landscaping value, together with the survived buildings (a threshing barn, servant’s quarters, stables, a granary and a cellar) and the park is a state-protected cultural valuable. Wooden buildings of the Manor were burnt during the World War II (in 1943). Part of these buildings are under restoration and will be adapted to meet public needs. In the building of former stables, a display of Shrovetide masks is offered, in the granary of the Manor – exposition of the Žemaitija National Park and an exhibition hall are located, in the cellar – Centre for Crafts, while in the threshing barn – the House of Culture.

Exposition of the Žemaitija National Park, Plateliai Manor Homestead