Leonardas Černiauskas’ art gallery–creative workshop

Address: village of Babrungėnai, region of Plungė
Tel. +370 68569566, +370 44850658
E-mail: leogalerija@takas.lt

The collection of the wooden handicrafts, paintings and ancient things is placed in the former water mill of Babrungėnai village. All exhibits are made by the artist himself.

The Granary of Kazys Striaupa

Address: village of Dovainiai, region of Plungė

In the granary built by the folk artist you will see the amusing wood carvings representing the history, religion and humorous scenes of the village life. Admission fee: optional, donations box.

Museum of folk art and ethnography of Regina and Justinas Jonušai

Address: village of Godeliai, region of Plungė

There you will find paintings and wooden handicrafts. The old granary hosts a small museum of ethnography. Admission fee: optional, donations box.