The farmstead is located near the lake Beržoras. Nature, forest, fresh and pure air. There are two wooden houses for holidaymakers, as well as bathhouses, a pond stocked with fish, arbors, different fireplaces, a basketball court, boats, a water bike, a camp place. You can relax, spend your free time, organize celebrations in the farmstead in a preserved nature near the lake. There are three arbors, some fireplaces, swings, a basketball court, boats, a water bike. The wooden houses are equipped well, in summer time you can just camp outside. There’s also a Russian bathhouse at your disposal. You can go fishing, or picking mushrooms and berries, or just enjoy natural serenity.

Adžio Birškaus rural tourism farmstead
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LT - 90419 Plungės r., Platelių sen., Beržoro k., Gaso g. 14


+370 613 06300

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