It’s a quiet cosy place not far from Plateliai lake (~300 m). The house is located at the pond stocked with fish. It’s a place for a family or a small group of people. It’s a very private place, only for you. You will have a chance to go fishing, then grill the fish on the fire, go swimming, lie in the sun, visit the most attractive places of interest in Samogitia and Salantai National parks. If you wish, hosts can present you bee products and introduce you with beekeeping. Aside from that you can row a boat. If you want to run away from the noise of the town – this farmstead is just for you.

Farmstead of Antanas Razgus
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Ežero g. 38, Plateliai, LT - 90421 Plungės r. sav.


+370 686 09873

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