The farmstead is located near the lake Beržoras. The modern interier units of the old renovated samogitian farmstead are combined with the etnographic elements. The farmstead has got a parlor, rest rooms, a kitchen, a shower bath, WC. You can have a peaceful rest with your family, relatives or just enjoy your friends’ company. There’s an arbor, swings, water bike, boat, bikes, a basketball court at your service. Other than that there’s an asphalted drive-way, car parking, closed gates for night. You can easily reach Plateliai lake which is one kilometer away.

Visitors are welcome in May, June, July, August, September.

Rural Tourism Farmstead “Prie Beržoro ežero“
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Gaso g. 12, Beržoro k., Platelių sen., Plungės r. LT-90419


+370 690 00030

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