The old street village, mentioned starting with the 15th century, which preserved its traditional landscape, has been granted a status of a state-protected cultural valuable. The 18th century Beržoras church is one of the oldest wooden sacred architecture buildings in Lithuania. There are wooden Stations of the Cross, abundance of chapels, crosses and wayside shrines with sculptures of saints inside, which have survived or have been restored. Near the Pauošniai – Plateliai road, the Beech of Birškus grows, an object of natural heritage.

Beržoras Lake

The area of the lake is 52 ha, maximum depth – 6.3 m. The island on the lake is a hydrographic object of natural heritage. The perch makes the major part of fishes in the lake, although great quantities of roach, bream, pike and rudd are breeding here as well. Near the lake, 2 resting places are built, and there are several rural tourism farmsteads.

Church in Beržoras

A wooden church of squared timber was built in 1746.The cemetery in the churchyard is one of the oldest in Lithuania. In 1759-1760, in memory of Jesus Christ suffering, 14 Chapels-Stations of the Cross were built in Beržoras that were restored after Independence re-establishment in Lithuania.