Address: Pakutuvėnų k., Šateikių sen., LT-90390 Plungės r.

The most famuos object, today proclaiming the village of Pakutuvėnai is the St. Anthony Paduvian church and the Meeting estate established by the franciscan community. The Parish Mass taking place on sundays attracts diffrent people.

Memorial Museum of the writer Žemaitė in Bukantė

Address: Godelių k., Plungės raj.
Phone: +370 620 15334, +370 687 52836

This farmstead is writer’s childhood home with personal belongings survived. In a newly restored granary of the farmstead, a memorial exposition dedicated to Stanislovas Riauba (1904-1982), who was born in the same neighbourhood and is known as an outstanding Žemaitian wood carver, is open to public. In another building, the sacred heritage of cross crafting folk tradition is introduced.

Photographers: A. Brazdeikytė, S. Sidabras

Lourde‘s grotto

Address: Birutės g., Plungė
Phone: +370 687 89996, +370 448 79079

In 1905a sculpture of Saint Virgin Mary was sent from France and was build on a stone under the sky. Approximately in 1906 a grotto was bricked from the moeny contributed by people.

Saint John the Baptist Church

Address: Vytauto g. 32, Plungė
Phone: +370 687 89 996, +370 448 79 079

The chruch is neoromantic, of Latin cross plan, two-tower. The fence of chuch yard is made of brick stone.

Gandinga Landscape reserve. Gandinga mound

Next to the road from Plungė to kuliai, on the right side of Babrungas river there is one of the nicest mounds in Western Samogitia. A castle stood on Gandinga mound and 13th century it was an important support point in the fights with crusaders. The duke M. Oginskis enjoyed celebrating his name day in it and even M.K. Čiurlionis while was living in Plungė liked visiting the mound of Gandinga.

Clock Tower, Plungė District Municipality‘s Public Library

Address: Parko g. 5C, LT-90113, Plungė
Phone: +370 448 72372

Clocwork tower and conservatory in the Plungė was restored in 2012. Plungė district Municipality‘s Public Library is located here now. It is the only Public Libarary who has a Clock Tower in Lithuania. The clock tower and conservatory originally was built in 1846 and it looks like a small version of Palazzo Vencchio castel in Italy.

Samogitian art museum

Address: Parko g. 1, LT-90117 Plungė.
Phone/fax: +370 448 52492, +370 448 57643

Duke Mykolas Oginskis estate in Plungė is one of the most beautiful architectural ensambles in Lithuania and it was build in the XIX century.